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The data of your company were changed

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the company LSMG Consulting

addr: Vindi 13a, 11315 Tallinn, Estonia

Ph. +3725101972



yesterday I receive an e-mail that the data of my company were changed and the web site deleted. I didn't do this changes. Why it happens from time to time? I put all the correct data, but someone change it. And I'm sure, that there was no unauthorized logins. I confirm, that everything is correct, please stop changing of my company data without my permissions. I believe, that it was done by some robots. 

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The data of your company were changed

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hi @LSMG C 


You can edit and update your business info in GMB dashboard  https://support.google.com/business/answer/3039617


Business details displayed on Google come from a variety of different sources and are meant to provide customers with the most complete and up-to-date information possible. The details associated with your business come from the information you provide when creating and updating a verified business listing, reports from users, and other sources.


How Google uses business information

Support Google |  Полезное про GМБ |  +OlegKostyukevich
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