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More customers and $100 from Google AdWords

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Добрый День, я получил такое письмо! я хочу активировать 100 у.е. для своего нового аккаунта, который я создал по данной акции, как мне активировать этот код [НОМЕР КОДА УДАЛЕН] и поучить на аккаунт 100 у.е. для рекламы 


    Hello from Google.

As a Google Analytics customer, you've shown that you really care about attracting high-quality visitors to your website. Now I'd like to suggest a way for you to bring in even more customers.

Your current customers most likely search for your business by name (e.g. "Anna's bakery"). But prospective customers tend to search by topic and city, such as "Restaurants in New York" or "Florist in San Francisco". With an ad on Google, you can make it easy for people to find you using the words they choose.

Getting started is easy.

To help you find more customers, we'll give you $100 in free Google ads when you spend your first $25. For many businesses, that free $100 is enough for an extra 1 month of advertising. You control your budget, and can stop or change your ads at any time. 

Try an ad on Google and see if more customers find you. To redeem this offer go to or call 
1-800-903-0274 before June 30, 2013. Please use this offer code: AFKK9-6DH7J-NNR3. (Offer valid for new customers only.)

Thanks for your partnership with Google.

Best wishes,

Brett Willms
The Google AdWords Team



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Игорь М, здравствуйте


Этот промо купон можете ввести в разделе "Настройки платежных данных" -> "Погасить код".


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